Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Madness!

Well, some things have happened, but nothing major.

Um, my car broke. The rear suspension rusted out and cracked, not to mention there was something wrong with the gas tank and fuel pump. (I knew I hated that car for a reason) Now, I'm just waiting on my deductible from my Expedition insurance and the money from junking the car. 

I'm working, but I have to take the bus. I like being a home health aide/ STNA, which I didn't know until I started it up again. Maybe I'll love being a nurse (of I ever get to that point).

I want to register for a class this summer then continue on to fall semester. Hopefully no one messes with me this time. It seems like every time I try to do college some one decides it's a good time to screw with me, then I fail.

Also, I'm getting fat. Which, wouldn't be bad if it was muscle fat. But, it's just fat. Like, I'm eating too much and very unhealthy. I'm not sure how to feel about the weight, though...I'm neither happy or sad with it.

Last, I have a cold. At least I think it's a cold: my throat is sore, I'm coughing and there's a lot of mucus going on in my sinuses/respiratory system. I drank a hot toddy yesterday and that didn't help, usually they do. Today, I had some Robitussin which helped so I'm going to take some now before bed.

Well, that's it. Good night!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I'm bored right now. Finished work today, did some crocheting, what do I do?

I don't want to go outside...and my books are in my trunk, so I can't read. I don't watch television... I don't want to take a nap... hmm... Maybe if I go to sleep, I might stay asleep until my alarm goes off for work.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Steps to Stability

I'm supposed to be working on my stability and hopefully my life will straighten out. Ever since I lost my home and job last year, I've been working on getting another job and home. I've been mapping out what needs to get done, what needs to happen and in what order it all needs to go so that I can get to that magical place of stability.

What I need:

  • Home
  • Income
  • Security
The steps being taken:
  1. I'm working with my case manager to get into Respite which is a step up from a homeless or crisis shelter. Hopefully after Respite, I'll be able to get an apartment. I think that we are close to getting into Respite, to be sure I'll call my case manager, though.
  2. I have applied for several jobs and have gotten callbacks for interviews and one place even wants to schedule orientation. This is pretty exciting, I'll finally be able to afford gas (lol)!
  3. Security. Now that one is a hard one for me to explain. What I need is assurance, I need to know that I will always have a home and a bed to sleep in. I need to know that. It seems as though everything goes haywire when I don't have a place to stay.
Things are working out. It's all one step at a time. I'm excited for all of the things happening and I wish I could elaborate on them here, but I don't feel safe doing so right now. I'm excited for next week.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Saga:

A lot has happened in a very short period of time. I'm going to paraphrase most of it, although it is all overwhelmingly stressful.
This is where I'm at: Feeling like a warrior.
Someone used my EBT card again, without my permission, while I was in the hospital. They used it to buy my son food--which all in all is great, except that my caseworker said that my food stamps are my food stamps and that it is my ex-husband's responsibility to get his stamps. Not to mention it's illegal to steal food stamps. I did not know anyone used my stamps until they told me...and their excuse was that "I'm not doing anything". Which, is pretty hurtful because I feel like I'm doing a lot. Just because it doesn't look like someone is doing anything does not mean they aren't.
The last few days, I've been talking on the phone with my son, mostly while his grandma was in a nursing home (she's home now, which is great). My son is a ham, so it was great to hear him--I just can't see him while I'm in the hospital and my days are filled with appointments besides that (yes, "excuses, excuses": I'm doing everything I'm doing for my son). The first few days was great, even my ex-husband was being nice and helpful. Then, the last day I talked with my son--which was after all the food was bought for them--my ex-mother-in-law is home, both he and she had bad attitudes with me. Just yesterday, I called to get a feel on why I was being treated like trash. It ended up with yelling and a heated argument, basically: I don't do anything and I'm a whore. That really dragged me down, until I talked it out with a few friends.
In the process of all this, I had bought a sedan with the insurance money after my truck was totaled along with different car insurance. Except, that I was talked into putting all of that in someone else's name instead of my own, "because it was easier and cheaper" (my car insurance, at full coverage, would be expensive...blah blah blah). Thinking back, I didn't need to have my car and insurance in their name. Now, I literally have nothing except a few insignificant belongings that have been stuffed into a tiny car that is but isn't mine.
The biggest thing is that this was on my conscious and the next thing is that I feel like I'm doing a lot-- I'm trying to get housing, I'm trying to get a job and I'm trying to stay on my medications--but no one seems to see it. Only one of my friends is telling me how good of a job I'm doing, everyone else is tearing me down. That phone call made me feel like I'm not doing enough. For goodness' sake, I mapped out everything that I'm going to improve on and do over the course of the next year. Isn't that something? Am I not doing well enough? Aren't I worth a pat on the back?
Yes, yes I am doing enough! I am worth it! I am doing a great job! I will not let other peoples actions and reactions rule me. I'm going to fight. I can do this. I have made big steps thus far and every single day I'm doing better.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm getting real annoyed

I just spent another week in the hospital behavioral unit. I'm sick of life stresses. I'm tired of being homeless. I'm done being jobless. This is enough instability. I'm just done.

The psychiatrist took me off one pill and that plus my excitement over going to respite threw off my sleep. So, they add that pull back in. THEN, they discharge me while discontinuing a different pill without telling me. So, I guess it's fine to just stop psych meds all willy-nilly, at random.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Feelz

Ugh. I hate when my feelz get affected. I miss my baby. I miss my BFF. I miss stress-free life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today's Update

There are a lot of things happening recently, as always. I didn't read back to see if I posted, but just in case: I was admitted into a behavioral unit for a short while and was given new medications. I'm not sure if there is a new diagnosis, but the original one was anxiety/depression. One thing that I've always noticed about my anxiety/depression is that it gets worse when I'm stressed out. My thoughts start gravitating towards suicidal ideation, which I usually self-admit myself but this time was different. I started the process of getting copies of my medical records sent from the hospital I was admitted to, to my hospital where I usually get my treatments at. I'm not sure if there's anything new in my records from there yet.

I'm homeless and staying at a shelter right now, where my son is staying with my ex-husband. At first, I wanted to stay in my truck but that's not a feasible option. Today, I have a follow up appointment with my case manager to further everything in this process. We are going to work on housing, income and my healthcare.

Next semester starts on my birthday and I will be taking three classes which is, in my opinion, way too many for my brain to handle. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to do this, especially being homeless and without income; and, if I had a home it'd be easier but then I would need income and working while going to school is just not a good idea. It'd be nice if I could receive disability while attending college, but I guess it doesn't look good for me to try and improve my situation while on disability? I don't know and I should really contact my lawyers about that.

I've been feeling like everything around me is moving, fast and out of my control, while I feel like I'm not going anywhere--if that makes sense. As my friend put it: that airplane feeling, where you feel like you're moving at a snails pace but you're really zooming much faster.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I get bored during the day, there isn't much to do except wait for my appointments (which are days/weeks apart), wait for the agency that assigns case managers to call me and visit my son. I feel so lazy just sitting around, doing nothing and then it's disturbingly sad that I get overly excited when a friend of mine calls because they need my help with something.

Earlier this morning I wanted to register for classes in the spring but I lost the sheet of paper that tells me which classes I need. I tried to contact the college and they did help me some, I'm just too lazy right now to make the phone calls necessary to find out the classes. After that bought of laze, I searched for agencies within my field of practice and there are a lot more businesses out there than I initially knew about. Now, all I need to do is stop in, fill out applications and also turn in my resume plus cover letter. I hope that I get hired somewhere soon.

Let's see what the past couple of weeks have been like for no particular order, either, I'm just listing as they come to mind...

  • I've been unwillingly subjected to Facebook drama and I don't like it so I ignore it...which doesn't help that my anxiety rises regardless.
  • The agency that is working with me about case management still hasn't called back with an answer, but I still have at least one more week before I need to worry too deeply.
One thing that I can't (or, rather don't want to) add to the bullet list is that I miss my son and I feel he deserves his own paragraph. I know that he misses me, he misses his norm--being with mommy, sleeping at regular times, being kept active, meeting with friends, going places like the park or zoo, etc. I don't understand why any of this is happening (involving CPS) and I don't understand why I don't get a call back from CPS after I've called twice. Nobody has told me anything about what is going on, just my ex-husband and why wouldn't I take what he says with a grain of salt? I did not put my son in danger, I have absolutely no idea who or why CPS was called. What's really baffling is: as much as they want my son to be safe, you would think they would have open communication with the parent they believe is unsafe so that that person could work towards being safe. The best (sarcasm) part about this is that CPS took my son's security away. No one explained to him what was happening. No one told him why it was all happening. He has no idea why he can't go and stay with mommy. Every time I call, every time I come visit, every single time I have to leave--because I can't stay with my ex-husband and son while this ordeal goes on, my son breaks down. My son has a mental breakdown every single time

CPS wants to keep my son safe? So...they do that by damaging his mental health. Good job CPS. But, I'm the unsafe adult here. Pssh.